Quality Web Design Toronto

Responsive & Structured Website Designing

Nimble offer responsive website design in Toronto that interface of your website on all the platforms with good page speed. The designs we make at NIMBLE improve the experience for your visitors and enhance the usability of the site. We believe that every client is distinct, every project is unique that’s why our designs are unique, modern and user friendly. Our highly experienced team at Nimble works to meets your expectations and we are willing go beyond to meet your criteria.

Why choose us –

  • 1) We have a talented team of highly skilful and experienced developers and designers that work according to your requirements.
  • 2) We have a good professional record of delivering product as per your deadline and of top-notch quality.
  • 3) We are available 24*7.
  • 4) Our developed websites that are highly secured.
  • 5)We provide you the SEO friendly and speedy website.
  • 6)Our clients don’t require creating desktop and mobile websites separately, thereby cost effective.

What we do?

We provide best website design development solutions to our clients in Toronto, Canada. We have experts in the Content Management System as well as frameworks and we sustain reputed professional record in providing web solutions in platforms such as Word Press, Code Igniter, E-commerce solutions etc.

Why we stress on Word Press? Because 80% of the websites running on the web are made in Word Press that’s why we recommend Word Press strongly to our client.

Some valuable features of Word press you look into –

  • It provides amazing and easily manageable admin panel which can be managed by you even if you have no programming knowledge.
  • Designs done in word press are highly user friendly and responsive.
  • Word Press provides large number of plug-in to meet your requirements and content is easily SEO optimizable in word press.
  • That’s the power of Word Press and that’s why we have the team which is highly skilful this technology.

How we do it?

We strictly follow SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for Web development and Mobile Application development which results in highly Responsive, Secure and easily SEO optimizable websites.

How SDLC works?

There are five phases in this and that’s how we do developing: –
Phase 1- Analysis and Feasibility study
In this phase, we do research work and analyze every single requirement of client and create proper documentation of it. We do the proper feasibility tests about the project. Our business analysts sit with the client and do detail analyzing and measure the scope of the project. We provide the proper time frame and cost of the project during this phase. Once the requirements are properly documented and sealed. We pass the details to our designing team which is done in second phase.


Phase 2- Designing
In this phase, we start the designing process. Our designing team gets the work. It is a highly complicated process so we divide it into small parts and keep showing the work to the client on regular basis so we don’t ever go off track. This process begins with creating Wireframes for the website or mobile apps. Once our designing team is done on that, we review it to the client, if client approves it then our designing team go to the next task of creating the actual designs using best tools in the market. Our designing team put best efforts to achieve the best possible results; they can get out of the wireframes and present it to the client. Once the designs are approved by the client we move to next phase in which we do the development and backend.


Phase 3- Coding and development
In this phase, our development team start developing the backend of the websites and do all the coding manually. We don’t use any pre written codes. All the code is written by our highly talented and experienced coders who work very hard providing the bug free code. We make sure product is properly coded and well commented for future use. Our code is redundancy free and efficient. Our developers are smart enough to use smart code instead on long lines of code which make the product slow and sluggish.


Phase 4- Testing
This phase is done to make sure the website /Apps our development is team developing is bug free and secure, keeping this in mind our Experienced testing team works parallelly with the development team to find the bugs in the early stages of development. We have Industry’s best tools to do all type of testing, that are used by our testing team. Once our testing team ensures that the website or mobile app is bug free and of top notch quality, then we send it for deployment.


Phase 5- Deployment
In this phase, we are ready to deploy the website onto client’s servers and we stay with the client until everything is done without any issue. Even after website is deployed we give monthly checkups to ensure everything is running well. Now you have an idea how NIMBLE works and why you should choose us instead of others. We believe in quality work and we stay put on our words.

Now you see how Nimble works and why you should choose us instead of others. We believe in quality work and we stay put on our words.