How to build a Successful Website


How to build a Successful Website

If you are a website owner or willing to make a website, this article is for you. These Effective tips can help you to build a better and more successful website.
1- Plan your website
Write down your ideas on paper and think about what sections you required in your website. Think about the categories you need for your products or services, you will need those very soon for the keyword analysis. You can also make a rough sketch for your website, this will help you to visualise your ideas to structure your website.

2-Do some research with keywords
If you want to show your website on top Search Engines like Google you need to know which keywords will be used by the visitors of your website. In market there are many tools are freely available for this purpose like by using Google Ad words Keyword Tool, you can find the most popular keywords. Access the tool and enter 3-5 important keywords which are related to your product or service. From the resulted keywords you can easily select keywords with highest search volume.

3-Get an easy domain name and select a reliable web hosting provider.
Choose and easy domain name which should be easy to remember by the visitors. You should choose one where most relevant keywords are included. Your hosting plan should be according to the size and type of your website. If your new website will grow in traffic over next few months, your hosting account should also be able to grow as well. Check the plan you’ve created, if your website success is based on huge traffic you should look for VPS hosting.
4- Writing unique content for your website
Make your website content unique and simple to increase the traffic and it should be easily readable for your visitors.

5- Test your site
It is very important to test all whether all the functionality of your website is working fine or not and check your website in different web browsers. Ask more people, which are not involved in your project, to test the website. Resolve all problems before you publish the website.

6- Promote your Website
Now Its time to promote your website. There are different ways to do that. You can promote it on social sites like facebook, YouTube or google+ or either you can do some paid advertisement if you have good money.